As Cryb has grown and evolved in the past year so has the vocabulary for how we refer to different services we use.

This page aims to clean up any misconceptions

Room noun

A group of people

Controller noun

A person in a Room that has permission to control the VM

Also known as: Remote

Portal microservice

Virtual machine instance that runs Chromium

Also known as: VM

Portals microservice

Microservice that orchistrates the assignment of Portal instances to rooms

Xen external service

Hypervisor for Portal instances.

Connects to Atlas to coordinate connection between Portal on Xen and Portals microservice on Cryb

Atlas microservice

Microservice used to orchistrate the connection and handling of Xen instances on the Cryb network

Mesa library

WebSocket connection between two Cryb services

Borealis library

UI design system